Who would have thought purchasing a Victorian home (built in 1861) for a
residence in downtown San Jose would result in a business opportunity?. The
home was in good shape and much of it was still original, however some items
needed immediate attention. It was very difficult to find craftsman that were
familiar with a property of this age. I found plenty of contractors more than happy
to up-sell and "update" the home using current products, but few that had the
mind set of maintaining historical value. Those that did, charged such high
amounts that it made restoration almost out of the question. It was at that point I
took on the restoration of my home myself. After finishing several window repairs,
building wood window screens, and door refinishing, I found many asking who
did the work. I explained that I did everything myself and soon found other home
owners requesting that I work on their homes as well.

The business started in a specialized niche, providing products and services for
structures built in the pre-1930's. Much of the work involved restoration in order
to maintain the historical value and meet
Mill's Act requirements. DK Screens is
listed in the Santa Clara County
Preservation Society as a recommended
contractor for historical building restoration.

At the request of many customers and to meet the needs of other property
owners seeking expertise and superior service, the business was expanded to
include residential and commercial properties. We work on all types of buildings,
Victorian and Craftsman styles built in the 1800's to homes and commercial
buildings built to todays standards.
DK Screens
151 North 7th St.
San Jose CA
408 294-2307
How the business was established
I have lived in the bay area for most of my life, growing up in Sunnyvale
surrounded by Mother Olsen's cherry orchards. I graduated from Westmont High
School and went directly into the work force. I worked for General Electric doing
design and engineering for 21 years and earned a Bachelors Degree in Industrial
Technology. I have always had an interest in items made in the past such as cars
and furniture. I thoroughly enjoy seeing a clean classic car with black-n-gold
plates and original chrome and paint. I also am amazed by the craftsmanship in
old furniture made with out the use of power tools. I know that the windows in my
house were built by hand and they are still in perfectly functioning order after
over 100 years! This is one of the main reasons that I not only realized a need for
my services, but want to see things of a historical nature kept in their original
condition. I look forward to every job I do, and satisfying every customer in every
About the Owner